Saturday, 23 March 2013

Knee Replacement Surgery: Get Fast Pain Relief

Knee replacement surgery is one of the most common type of joint replacement. There are lots of people having arthritis of the knee. The surgery replaces the knee joint having arthritis with an artificial one. The difficult thing is that they don't know when the right time for arthroplasty of the knee. Life Med ABC, Chennai, India is the best centre for knee replacement surgeries and other orthopedic treatments. It helps the patients to recover from their knee arthritis conveniently in short order with reasonable cost.

Total knee replacement procedure

The total knee replacement is a surgical process by which the unhealthy knee joint replaced with the artificial knee joint. Knee is an important part of our body which allow us to move. During surgery, the end of the femur bone is removed and a metal shell is returned to the same place. The end of the tibia bone is also removed and replaced with a plastic piece having channel with metal stem. The artificial components used in total knee replacement are known as the prosthesis.

Partial knee replacement procedure

Partial knee replacement surgery is also known as uni-compartmental knee replacement. The knee joint having there parts, the outside part, the inside part and the front part. In this procedure, only the damaged part of knee joint is replaced with metal and plastic component.

Advantages of knee replacement
  • it results to get relief from pain
  • it helps for quicker recovery
  • it improves the mobility
  • less blood loss during the surgery

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