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Hip Resurfacing

The hip joint is one of the largest joints in the body.Hip is a ball and socket joint.cartilage stops the bones from rubbing together. If the cartilage is worn away, the underlying bone is exposed and your joint becomes painful and stiff. As a result, walking and moving around becomes painful.Hip resurfacing also called Metal on Metal Hip Resurfacing arthroplasty can help to improve your mobility and reduce pain. In this operation, metal caps like half a tennis ball are fitted onto the damaged surfaces of the ball and socket of your hip joint. A hip resurfacing operation can help to improve your quality of life .Hip resurfacing is a method of crafting the damaged hip ball reshaped and capped with a metal prosthesis. The damaged hip socket also is fitted with a metal prosthesis.An advantage to this approach is that it is less invasive so has a faster recovery time and leaves you with a greater range of movement after surgery. Patient suffering from severe hip arthritis, total hip replacement is a very successful treatment option .

Different Hip Joint Care

1. Cemented Hip Replacements

Why Hip Resurfacing Surgery

1. Osteoarthritis

The Cartilage inside a hip joint becomes worn away leading to the bones rubbing against each other

2. Rheumatoid Arthritis 

Immune system in the body mistakenly attacking the lining of the joint resulting in pain and        stiffness

3. Hip Fracture

Hip joint becomes severely damaged during a fall or Accident

About Operation

1. The operation is usually done under general anaesthesia.Patient have the surgery under spinal or epidural anaesthesia. This completely blocks feeling from below your waist and you stay awake during the operation. 

2. If you are having a general anaesthetic, you will be asked to follow fasting instructions before Surgery.

3. You will be asked to give your consent to have your name on the National Joint Register, which is used to follow up the safety, durability and effectiveness of joint replacements and implants.

4. You may be asked to wear compression stockings to help prevent blood clots forming in the              veins in your legs.

5. Surgery usually takes around 2 hours


System implant is made of two parts working together to restore the original function of the ball-and-socket joint. These two parts consist of a metal mushroom-like cap is inserted over the top of the resurfaced femoral head and a metal cup that is pressed into the socket. The bone then grows into the socket adding increased stability.
The metal on metal hip resurfacing implant offers a significant advantage over traditional total hip replacement implants. 

Candidate for Hip Resurfacing

1. Hip resurfacing is mainly  intended for young

2. Strong adults who are under 60 years of age 

Advantages of Hip Resurfacing

1. Femoral head is preserved

2. Femoral canal is preserved 

3. Risk of microfracture of femur with uncemented stem implantation is eliminated

4. Larger size of implant Ball reduces the risk of dislocation

5. Stressto bones are less

6. Improved stability

Hip Resurfacing Recovery is another Important factor

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